Sunday, February 20, 2011

Theory of Dreams: Dream of DNA Theory

Many great theories has been proposed till now about dreams, its occurence how to interpret it. The history of Dreams are way back to the Egyptian age when they first mentioned about dreams and tried to interpret the meaning. They considered dreams to be messages of god. Greeks also considered as divine messages. Both used priests to interpret the meaning of Dreams. Artemidorus brought out the idea that dreams are unique to the dreamer. He believed that it was the person's occupation, social status and health would affect the symbols in a dream. While Christianity began preaching that God revealed himself through dreams. The Zoroastrians were a religious group that followed this theory, which set rules for each day of the month, such as, "The second day is that of Bahman . . . Events dreamed of will occur in four days, but the hopes which may be cherished will be disappointed."
The Europeans were very curious about dreaming around the beginning of the 19th century.
Robert Cross Smith was one of the first to start this "dream craze." Under the pen name of "Raphael" he published a book called The Royal Book of Dreams.
Alfred Maury, a French doctor, came along and led us into modern dream interpretation. It was said that he had studied over 3,000 different dreams. External stimuli is what he believed to be the catalyst to all of our dreams.
Later, it was discovered that these external stimuli only triggered an earlier dream from the night. Since this would be the last thing remembered from that nights sleep, you believe that the dream you were having when you woke up.
Modern Philosophies
Probably the most well-known of the modern dream philosophers was Sigmund Freud. His theory was that although dreams may be prompted by external stimuli, wish-fulfillment was the root behind most of our dreams. Freud's idea was that our dreams were reflection of our deepest desires going back to our childhood. To Freud, no dream was of entertainment value, they all held important meanings.
Carl Jung, a student of Freud for some time, disagreed on the theory that erotic content was the basis behind most of our dreams. Jung believed that dreams reminded us of our wishes, which enables us to realize the things we unconsciously yearn for, and helps us to fulfill our own wishes. Contradictory to how Freud believed dreams were a product of our desires that were too outrageous for our own belief, and were in our unconscious to help conceal these desires. These dreams were messages, Jung believed, from ourselves to ourselves and that we should pay attention to them for our own benefit.

Then there are others who say that dreams are either the clearing of fragments from our memory banks or that they are the storage of these fragments.
Dream of DNA Theory
But when we add all, we find no one as studied its biological aspects. I would like to suggest from my experience and intuition that Dreams are the result of metabolism of DNA that is sending messages to the brain. The activity of DNA can be influenced by the gravitational force and other magnetic waves around the body to stimulate the metabolism. Many of the dreams that we see will happen in the future. It can be interpreted by analysing the messages. The messages are tranferred through generations and are interconnected to each other. The energy between all the living things are connected. If evolution theory is correct, then the genes of all living organisms starting from a single organism has a meaning and is passed from the first cell formed to latter most developed organism in the universe. As in chaos theory says, even a small change can make a drastic effect on the world. It points to the connection of each particle on Earth or the Universe. Zodiac signs that represents an individuals character even before he is born is the result of the universe and its energy: the stars, planets and sun their gravitational forces. According to Indian astrology, they have described the effect of planetary bodies on human life and how it can be averted.
Thus Dreams are the result of Metabolism of DNA as a result of stimulation from energy sources of Universe.